The Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas on Monday launched a new Recovery Tracker feature that provides information regarding the usage of funds related to the state’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey.

“As the state continues to receive federal aid and devote necessary resources to our recovery efforts, it is important that Texans know where this money is going,” said Governor Greg Abbott. “The Recovery Tracker is a good start in achieving transparency for the people of Texas as we work to rebuild in the aftermath of Harvey. I thank Commissioner John Sharp and the Commission to Rebuild Texas for leading on this project, and for all their continued work helping victims in need.”

The Commission has compiled and consolidated data that is owned, created, and maintained by other agencies involved in the rebuilding process. Through the Recovery Tracker, that information is presented it in a visual dashboard that is easy for local officials and members of the public to access.

“It is important that the state’s recovery process be as clear and transparent as possible for all Texans, especially those affected by the storm,” said Commissioner John Sharp. “Launching this early version of the Recovery Tracker is a crucial step toward that goal.”

Still a work in progress, the Recovery Tracker currently contains data from the Texas General Land Office and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Additional information from other agencies will be added as it is provided to the Commission.

Currently, the new feature includes information on how much assistance has been provided to survivors thus far, how many direct housing assistance projects have been completed, how many individuals are in FEMA-funded hotels, and other key topics. This data is available for the entire state, individual counties affected by the hurricane, and specifically for the City of Houston.

The Recovery Tracker can be viewed at this link: