Reflections on a Year of Recovery

Governor Greg Abbott, remarks from visit to First Baptist Church of Rockport on Aug. 22, 2018:

  • “We would not be here without the resilience, without the heart, without the commitment of our fellow Texans. I have never been prouder—as Governor, as a Texan or as a human being—to see the way you responded to the worst of disasters… I know not everybody is yet back in their home. I know that the community is not yet rebuilt. I know there are miles to go before this race is finished… Our goal is to do far more than just rebuild. Our goal is to ensure that we rebuild all of these communities even better than they were before Hurricane Harvey hit…”

Vice President Mike Pence, remarks from visit to First Baptist Church of Rockport on Aug. 22, 2018:

  • “It is one year, almost to the day, since Hurricane Harvey made landfall. And I have to tell you, it is good to be back, and it is great to see Rockport and Texas coming all the way back. As the Governor said, we have more work to do. But I came here today on President Trump’s behalf to reaffirm to all of the people—not just to Rockport, but to all across this region—that this administration is going to work with this Governor, with all of the wonderful, outstanding volunteers and faith communities across this region until we rebuild Rockport and all of Texas bigger and better than ever before…”

Commissioner John Sharp, Commission to Rebuild Texas:

  • “The way Governor Abbott pulled the Commission together and kept us focused on serving our fellow Texans during a time of great need has been nothing short of inspiring. Words cannot express how especially proud I am of the Texas A&M University System employees who have worked tirelessly throughout this recovery effort. As we have tackled this great undertaking of rebuilding Texas, the people whose lives were thrown into disarray have always been foremost in our hearts and minds. Our communities continue to grow stronger every day, and we will keep doing everything we can to support and encourage this progress.”

Director Steven McCraw, Texas Department of Public Safety:

  • “A year ago, Hurricane Harvey took aim at the Texas coast and devastated many of our communities. However Harvey was no match for the resolve of the people of Texas who came together to help one another during the storm and who continue to rebuild today. Local leaders, state and federal partners, volunteer organizations as well as the generosity of countless Texans are to thank for the tremendous response to Harvey—and the continued efforts to make our communities even stronger moving forward.”

Chief Nim Kidd, Texas Division of Emergency Management:

  • “As we mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, the costliest disaster in state history, we continue to work together with our local, state and federal partners to enhance our readiness capabilities for any future disasters. Texas is proud to have an emergency management community that is second to none and supportive residents who are quick to help their neighbors—all of whom are to be commended for their efforts then and now.”

Commissioner George P. Bush, Texas General Land Office:

  • “A storm the size and magnitude of Hurricane Harvey required a Texas-sized response. Texans united—with our shared sense of solidarity and perseverance—to help one another. State and local leaders coordinated with federal partners to dispatch resources across more than 35,000 square miles of the Texas Coast. The GLO is proud to be the first state agency in Texas history to partner with FEMA on the short-term housing mission, but our work continues with the long-term recovery effort. I am thankful to all who contributed to this historic recovery. As we continue, we remain committed to helping all Texas communities rebuild.”

Texans, Hurricane Harvey Survivors:

  • “I wanted to convey my immense gratitude to you for your assistance in cleaning up the debris left by Harvey! As a victim of Hurricane Harvey, I can hardly describe the intensity of my relief and joy I experienced after seeing the TxDOT workers clearing the streets of my neighborhood… One of the TxDOT workers told me that they had come from all over as per your request. I would like to personally extend my most sincere thanks and applaud you for a job well done! This is a crucial and much-appreciated part of the assistance our neighborhood so desperately needs to be able to rebuild.” – Gina
  • I just wanted to thank you for your leadership during the storms and floods from Harvey. You were the calming voice we needed to hear during one of the worst storms I can ever remember. Thank you for your empathy, strength and support for all our fellow Texans, we are so grateful to you and your team!” – Lydia
  • “We just want to say thank you so much for your continued support and constant visits to help those affected by Harvey. We are amazed by how many trips you’ve made down here and appreciate all your efforts! You are amazing. God bless you!” – Cindy
  • You are a man of your word. A governor who made promises to those of us severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. You have kept every one of those promises… I can only offer a humble thank you for a gift that will bless us for many years to come.” – Cynthia