The deadline for mayors, county judges, and other local leaders to submit their prioritized requests for federal funding to the Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas is September 29, 2017.

The Commission has provided local officials with a spreadsheet to compile a list of all projects needed to rebuild their communities following Hurricane Harvey. While the list should be in priority order and include the estimated cost of each project, it is not necessary to identify particular federal funding sources for each one at this time.

The Commission will use the information sent in by September 29 to quantify Texas’ needs, identify potential sources, and begin advocating for federal funding. Listing a project does not guarantee that it will be funded, but only listed projects will be included in the Commission’s analysis.

Surveys must be submitted to by the deadline. Rows may be added to the provided spreadsheet if necessary. The Commission appreciates the work of local leaders to fill this form out as thoroughly as possible in a timely manner. If a new form is needed, please send a request  as soon as possible to